Keli’i Akina’s Post Election Message

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for contributing to this wonderful experience of running for office. My congratulations go to Trustee Haunani Apoliona on her re-election. She has served with distinction and, I am confident, will continue to do so. My appreciation also goes to my fellow candidates, Cal Lee, Walter Ritte, Keali’i Makekau, and Lancelot Lincoln. All of you who have stood with me, encoura

ged me, and participated in our process of running, have come to mean so much. Special thanks go to my campagn manager Annabelle Stone and the amazing team of volunteers she has led. I also thank Patty and our children for their sacrifices. I will cherish this experience and the trust many of you have placed within me. I am eager to seek the Lord to confirm the next step in His journey for me, and look forward to serving the greater good as He may lead.

Me kealoha pumehana,

Keli’i Akina


Aloha From Keli’i Akina

– Re-post of Keli’i Akina’s campaign commercial.

– Here are links to some of Keli’i Akina’s opponent for Trustee at Large:

Walter Ritte:

Haunani Apoliana:

Cal Lee:

Lancelot Haili Lincoln:

Kealii Makekau:


UH Manoa School of Law held a candidate forum for OHA Trustee at Large candidates in October 23, 2012. Keli’i Akina went head to head with other candidates Kealiʻi Makekau, Lancelot Lincoln, and Walter Ritte as they shared their different views and different visions for the future of OHA.

“Think of the common good,” Akina said. “The common good is to create an agency that supports the good despite the differences of political positions.”

Akina explained his views of uniting the people of Hawaii and using the resources of OHA to benefit the entire Hawaiian nation. He wants to be a non-secluded community but an organization to strive for Hawaii to move forward in a new future. His views were challenged by other candidates.

“I disagree with what he was saying for what this is really not,” Walter Ritte said. “It’s important for our Hawaiians to become sovereignty from the state.”

The future of OHA lies in the difference the next elected trustee at large can make. Election day is tomorrow. Everyone is encourage to vote and make a difference.